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Book Reading - JV Washam Elementary School, Cornelius, NC

I had a wonderful time today.  I had a book reading at JV Washam Elementary School in Cornelius, NC.  At 1:00pm, I visited Mrs. Furches' 3rd grade class and read REETA BOOK READS TO EVERYTHING! to her class and their K-5 "Reading Buddies".  They were a very attentive group who asked great questions and had on their listening ears.  At 1:45 pm, I went across the hall and read my book to Mrs. Lonon's 3rd grade class and their K-5 "Reading Buddies".  They were also an excellent group, and I was very impressed with their questions and attentiveness during the book reading. 

After the book readings, each 3rd grader was paired with their "Reading Buddy" and wrote their own books about "...reading to everything"!  I had a great time walking around the classrooms and hearing how the pairs "brainstormed" rhyming words and discussed what (or who) the K-5 student wanted to read to!

I would like to thank Ms. Scottie (the class volunteer) for putting together and stapling 50 blank booklets for the children to write their stories in.  I would also like to thank Ms. Nicastro and Ms. Zelasko for letting their kindergarten children join us for both book readings.  Their classes were very well-behaved and cooperative during the reading and writing activities.

I am so grateful for the hospitality my husband (Bert) and I were shown at JV Washam from the moment we arrived!  The office staff was very friendly and those we met in the hallways made us feel so welcome.  We had a great time and wish all the students and staff a relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation!  Thanks for having us!



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