Joanne Gentry Midyette

Planting books in little lives is a blast!

I haven't sold any books lately.  That's perfectly fine with me.  I didn't actually write this book to make money, I wrote this book to encourage children to read.  I gave a book to a little 6-year-old girl, named Skylar, the other day.  She needed someone to supervise her while her dad attended a parenting class.  I was sitting in the lobby, so I volunteered for the job.  She was a delight.  I "just happened' to have a copy of REETA BOOK READS TO EVERYTHING!  in my car, so I autographed a copy and gave it to her.  You would have thought I gave her a million bucks! The look on her face was priceless.  She has a younger sister, and she vowed to read it to her that very night as a bedtime story.  That one random experience made writing this book all worthwhile!  I love writing and I love to see children reading!  I will look for other children , just like Skylar, who need to read! :)

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