Joanne Gentry Midyette

REETA BOOK READS TO EVERYTHING! (A full-color children's picture book) has just been released! 

"REETA BOOK loves to read! In fact, you can find her any given day, reading to just about anyone or anything in some of her favorite places!  Why?  It's simple!  REETA BOOK READS TO EVERYTHING!"

This picture book has been written to encourage children (of all ages) to read books every day. The title character, REETA BOOK, loves reading so much, she will read anywhere to just about anything or anyone. 

My desire, as the author of this book, is to encourage a preschooler to sit in the lap of a parent or grandparent and listen to them read a favorite story.  I hope to motivate an older child to pick up a book and read to a younger sibling, parent or friend.  Inspiring children to enjoy the sheer joy of reading is the objective of this new children's book!

                                             - Joanne Gentry Midyette

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